• civil register documents (certificates of birth, marriage, death, change of name and surname etc.), other official documents, driving licences, passports, seamen’s books and other identity documents, criminal files, notarial deeds, court documents
  • credit and bank statements, CVs, recommendation/reference letters
  • job contracts/certificates and other job-related documents

Agreements, Contracts, Certificates, Minutes/Records:

  • trade, credit, transport/forwarding/customs and insurance documents, invoices
  • real estate administration, anti-fire protection, technical, and construction documentation
  • tender/procurement documents, licences, permits, etc
  • balance-sheets and all documents related to financial statements, chartered auditors’ reports, documents issued by tax control bodies
  • commercial registers, articles/statutes of association, and all documents related to the incorporation of companies


  • private and company correspondence


  • legal, financial, economic, conferences, training, advertising, offers, internet pages