Privacy policy


1. Personal Data Controller
Controller of the personal data collected through the Service is VERB Joanna Flakowska, ul. Janowska 50/10, 81-017 Gdynia, Poland, Tax ID No.: 958-056-85-77

Contact: email:

2. Purpose and Legal Basis of Personal Data Collection
Your personal data delivered to our email address, or by means of the contact form are processed exclusively for the purpose to reply to your questions and pass on necessary information. The rule of functioning of the contact form is the same as an ordinary email – data provided in that form (forename/surname, email address) after clicking on “send” will be sent directly to our email. Depending on the purpose of your personal data processing, the basis for processing of your personal data will be:
a) art. 6.1.b GDPR; processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject – prior to entering into a contract;
b) art. 6.1.c GDPR; processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligations to which the controller is subject (such obligation is keeping customers’ accounts and/or fulfilling obligations with respect to state authorities such as keeping the sworn translator’s register);
c) art. 6.1.f GDPR; processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller (such interest could be determination, pursuing claims or defending claims related to the concluded contract).
Personal data will not be used for marketing purposes. We neither sell the personal data nor make them available to third persons. Personal data will not be transmitted outside of the EEA or to international organisations. Personal data are not subject to profiling, meaning that they are not processed in an automated way.

3. Scope of the Processed Data
We process the following type of personal data: forename/surname, email address and/or additional data submitted by you in the contents of your electronic message or in the appended files submitted by means of the email or the contact form.

4. Period of Personal Data Storage
The data will be processed during the period necessary for realisation of the processing purposes referred to under point 2, not longer than it is necessary. Personal data processed in order to reply to the questions asked and to provide necessary information will be processed during the period of continuation of correspondence and, depending on the results thereof, they will be either processed to realise the contract, or they will be deleted if the cooperation does not start. In the case of doubtless ceasing of correspondence by you, the data will be deleted from our email account and the backup copy within 14 days. In the case when you do not reply, the data will be stored during 3 days of the date of the last message.

5. Your Rights with Respect to the Personal Data Processed
You have the right to request access to your personal data, rectification thereof, deletion, or restriction of processing, right to the data being transferred, right to express the objection and the right to file complaint with the supervising authority which is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.


This Cookies Policy sets out the principles of placing cookie files on the end device of the Service User, and of acquiring access to those files. Using the Service means acceptance of using the cookie files, some of which can already be saved in the browser folder.

1. Controller
The entity placing cookie files on the User’s end device and receiving access to those files is the Service owner: VERB Joanna Flakowska, ul. Janowska 50/10, 81-017 Gdynia, Poland, Tax ID No.: 958-056-85-77, email:

as well as third party services cooperating with the controller, which are listed in the “Third Party Services” section.

2. Cookie File Definition
Cookie files are IT data, mainly text files, which are stored on the Service User’s end device, and they enable using the Service web-sites. Usually, cookies contain the name of the web-site which they come from, storage time on the end device, and a unique number.

3. Types of Cookie Files
Internal cookies – files placed on and read from the User’s device by the Service informative system.
Third party cookies – files placed on and read from the User’s device by the informative systems of third parties’ services
Session cookies – temporary files stored on the User’s device until logging out, abandoning the web-site or disabling the software (internet browser). After the session is over, the cookies are deleted from the User’s device.
Persistent cookies – are stored on the User’s device during a time determined in the cookie files parameters or until they are deleted by the User. These files are not deleted automatically after the session is over, unless the User’s device configuration provides for deletion of cookie files after the session is closed.

4. Purpose for Which the Cookie Files Are Used
Streamlining and facilitating the access to the Service – the Controller can store in the cookie files information of the User’s preferences and settings which refer to the Service – in order to streamline, improve and speed up the services rendered by the Service.
Collection of statistical data – the Controller and the third party services use cookie files for collection and processing of statistical data such as visits, statistics of Users’ devices or User’s behaviour. These data are collected in order to analyse and improve the Service.

5. Third Party Services
The Controller cooperates with the following third party services which can place cookies on User’s devices:
– Google Analytics

6. Safety
The mechanisms of placing and reading the cookie files do not allow downloading any personal data or confidential information from the User’s device. Cookie files do not identify the User and it is impossible to determine the User’s identity on the basis of cookie files.

7. Determination of Terms and Conditions of Cookie Files Storage on Users’ Devices
In many cases, the software for browsing internet pages (internet browsers) by default admits storage of cookie files on Users’ devices.
The User may at any time, by himself, change the settings referring to saving and deletion of and access to cookie files, and he may delete all files saved so far.
Detailed information on the way of disabling cookie files in individual browsers and mobile devices can be found on the pages of those browsers.

8. Service Requirements
Restriction of saving of and access to cookie files on the User’s device can cause incorrect operation of some of the Service functions.
The Controller shall not be held responsible for incorrect operation of the Service functions in the case when the User restricts the possibility of saving and reading the cookie files in any way.

9. Amendments to Cookies Policy
The Controller reserves the right to amend this Cookies Policy in any way. Amendments made will always be published on this web-site.